Budget for Fun: Three Steam games worth buying

In an era of paid skins and loot boxes, DLC packs for unfinished-feeling AAA first-person shooter games and blockbusters that are heavy on breadth of content but light on depth, there's a beauty to games that know how to just be games: providing a straightforward and enjoyable experience that doesn't feel like a marketing ploy. … Continue reading Budget for Fun: Three Steam games worth buying


A couple of weeks ago, I played Undertale for the first time - my thoughts on which you can hear in an upcoming podcast episode. It was a great time, and I amazingly got to play the game with mostly unspoiled eyes even though I got to it nearly four years late to the party. … Continue reading Honeyheart

Esoteric PC games

We often associate video games with flashy 3D graphics, hyper-competitive deathmatches, and rapid-fire mouse clicking. But old school computer games like “NetHack” and “Rogue” were built on entirely different principles, using simple text-based graphics to create immensely rich and detailed worlds that were designed to be explored by a single person. Those games, while vitally … Continue reading Esoteric PC games