Doki Doki Literature Club: It Sure Is Exactly What Everyone Said It Was

Uh, Spoilers if you’re late to the party. Do you like going into games blind? Just, dont read. It’s pretty much impossible to talk about DDLC without spoiling everything.

A staple.
Japanese Dating Game…Parody?

Ok so now that we have some cute photos breaking line of sight, let’s get straight to the point. DDLC is a psychological horror visual novel styled after a cutesy dating sim. As you work your way through three days of writing poems and as you go through the girls you’re romancing slowly lose their minds as the game deteriorates into a glitchy hellscape before eventually the psycho girl who has taken over the game deletes the files and lock you out forever.


You have three guesses at who the antagonist is.

I don’t have time to unpack all of that, so lets just ignore it! After all, at this point the pseudo horror of DDLC is well known enough to have become an open spoiler and the real question is: “Does it hold up without the shock value?” and honestly? I’m going to give that a (qualified) “why not?”

An emotion we can all relate to

Now DDLC is good, I think it was an interesting concept and solid execution. The visuals were creepy and even knowing the twist it was genuinely upsetting to read some of the boxes as the girls mental states fell to pieces. The game earned its place as a cultural phenomena and I would say that anyone who is interested in the concept should give it a look.

I said spoilers ok…

Notice I said “look” and not “play”. DDLT is much more a visual novel than a dating sim, and despite minor changes that can give you different endings, the majority of your time will be spent reading the game’s fairly linear path.

I had a lot of fun, but a majority of that was because I was playing with a friend, we were able to laugh, read together, and choose how to write poems in new and silly ways. Freaking out with a friend is always more fun.

…we choose “lust”

I would have honestly gotten bored in the first half if it wasn’t for my excellent company, but the second half is such and interesting play I’m thankful I made it there.

In conclusion…

…wait? It’s free? ok yeah, go play it. It takes like 1 hour.

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