Amelie and the Film in a Flick

I’m a movie watching nightmare. I always want at least 2 different forms of stimuli entertaining me at any point in time and so my ability to even sit still for a 30 minute TV show is put to the test, let alone a 2.5 hour movie.

So the fact that I was not only able to watch Amelie and stay enraptured the entire time, but the fact that it happened in a language I did not understand is nothing short of the highest praise I can give.

Without any major spoilers: Amelie is a love story between two quirky hopeless romantics who have never met each other. The plot is zaney, the characters are weird, the side characters are super weird and the narrator is hilarious.

I call it a “film in a flick” because of its lighthearted tone and quick pacing, it zips right along from hijink to hijink without missing a beat. It allowed me, with my tiny attention span, to enjoy it from start to finish.

But it was also beautiful. It did have a thesis, if I had to guess I would say “do right by others” fairly simple in concept but fun and entertaining in actions. Amelie herself acts as a sort of walking karmatic retribution during the film, she is presented as odd but heroic and her punishments for misdeads are entertaining and well-deserved. I am by far no expert on camera work, but it’s obvious even to me the cinematography is amazing and the soundtrack is delightful.

Amelie is a wonder film, with all the delight of a flick and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

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