Repo: A Genetic Opera and Cult Classics

I recently was sent a youtube video by my GM. “This song is pretty much the tone of the villain” he told me, linking me to Let the Monster Rise. I consider myself a bit of a musical lover, so I was surprised I hadn’t so much as heard of it. Then I watched the clip and realized, it’s because it’s a cult classic.

Has some pretty significant spoilers. Fair warning.

Repo: A Genetic Opera is good. It’s also gross, weird, scary, and depressing. It has Paris Hilton. It’s art.

I’d probably call it close to Rocky Horror Picture Show. An incredibly dark and weird setup, presented with an almost chipper whimsy. Cyberpunk and cosmetic surgery is commonplace and fashionable and a company has a monopoly on the market. Said company also has managed to push for the legalization of forcible organ repossession. With it’s interesting choice of setting and costume and song choices that seem to be made for the precise reason of calling out 2003′ era goth theater kids.

Image result for repo the genetic opera
Ladies and Gents, our main character.

I’d highly recommend Repo for anyone looking for a talking piece with the people they’re watching with. The topic is unfortunately relevant, if exaggerated, with the rising cost of medical care and the power so many for profit corporations hold over the industry.

Definitely avoid Repo if you’re not able to stomach over the top violence or stage gore. None of the blood or body horror shown is realistic, but it is shown. It is also an actual opera, which surprised me, which means rather than having catchy songs interjected into the plot, the entirety is sung. Even some musical lovers don’t always love operas, but I would still say it was a fresh and catchy take on the genera.

Cult classics are an odd phenomena, but a phenomena I love. The Bravery and creative integrity it takes to make art for it’s own sake and not for mass consumption is something I greatly admire. There’s nothing wrong with artists needing to make money, after all everyone needs to pay bills. But seeing weird, gross, cool art always makes me happy.

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