CPFC #4 – Exactly As We Expected

On this episode of the Cinnamon Post Fight Club, our adventurers solve the mystery!

Or maybe they already knew? Who’s to say.

Alex is playing as Volker Valentine al-Khazad: an Immolator looking for glory and Celia plays as Dorothy Bay: a Thief turned college graduate. The two close out their time at wizard school for this session. But not without one last final before they leave.

We all thank you for your patience and understanding as we try our hands at some actual-play podcasting. I (Kiersten) especially thank everyone’s patience for the delay on this one (again). It seems graveyard shift may take a bit more getting used to than I was anticipating. We are using the system Dungeon World by Adam Koebel and Sage LaTorra.

The CPFC Podcast is a monthly-ish Actual Play podcast with Alex, Kiersten, and Celia.

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