Cinnamon Post FIGHT Club #1 – Back to School?

On this episode of the Cinnamon Post Fight Club, the three friends keep up the craziness and go on another adventure!

Alex is playing as Volker Valentine al-Khazad: an Immolator looking for glory and Celia plays as Dorothy Bay: a Thief turned college graduate searching for her place in the world. Kiersten GM’s as the two go off to their next assignment. This time to a Magical Fantasy College!

We all thank you for your patience and understanding as we try our hands at some actual-play podcasting. We are using the system Dungeon World by Adam Koebel and Sage LaTorra, this time with less world building and more actual adventure.

The CPFC Podcast is a monthly-ish Actual Play podcast with Alex, Kiersten, and Celia.

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