A List-icle Style Rating Of My Media Induced Cry Sessions (Recently)

  • Coco – Me sitting in an airplane’s premium section, middle seat surrounded by businessmen, two vodka sodas deep and bawling my eyes out. 10/10 Will freak out flight attendants though.
  • This photo of ferrets wearing sweaters – I was not emotionally prepared to see it and was overwhelmed by emotions. 5/10 Barely even a media form, I’m just Like That
I’m crying again right now
  • Undertale- It’s just,,,, really good guys. Play Undertale if you have not already. The soundtrack was what really got me, the track “Undertale” soars over the high bar of being the namesake track, 152/10 based on number of times I have listened to the same track on spotify since finishing the game.
  • The Mastersingers of Nuremberg Overture by Richard Wagner – DONT slide on by this one OK? It’s very very good. Not a day has gone by when I dont think of this song ever since I first played it almost 6 years ago. A hit, a classic, a fucking bop. 11/10 classical music is good guys.
  • Meet the Robinsons – In my defense of this one they really lower your guard in the first half by making it as ridiculous and goofy and possible. By the time they start really delving into the abandonment issues I was way off guard. 7/10 not my fault they tricked me.
  • The Little Prince – A beautiful story lovingly re-created using the framework of a young girl and her single mom supporting each other as the world around them pushes conformity. 9/10 beautiful visuals, beautiful music.
  • A game of Monster of the Week I’ve been playing online with friends – It’s a TTRPG and technically I’m in control of my character, which makes it all the more baffling that her decisions cause me such distress. Don’t judge guys it’s 2019 so being emotionally invested in games is cool now. 5/10 – Good cry but technically my own fault
  • Into the Spider-verse – Not even a specific scene, just, the whole movie: visuals, music, characters, story. It’s all such an amazing and lovingly put together package that by the time all the characters are doing the “emotional goodbye and triumphant climax” thing I’m just, emotional ok? 8/10- really just moist eyes but they’re VERY satisfying moist eyes.

Look, this is a list-icle, so by all rights it should probably just end without fanfare, but if I may have a moment of time:

I never liked crying, it always seemed like a failure of some kind. The final breaking point where everything just fell apart into garbage and I had somehow failed to keep it together. But all of these things (and oh so many more) are wonderful! The cry sessions that they caused were great! Laugh as much and as loudly as you can, and cry freely wherever you want. The businessmen in Premium will get over it and your life will be all the better.

-Loving advice from someone who cries, like, a LOT

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