I’m Just A Consumer And Life Is A Nightmare

I have never owned any PlayStation or Xbox consoles. I have owned multiple Nintendo consoles and I mooched off of my brother’s souped up PC in early middle school, but as far as consoles go, I have only ever known people who have them. I’ve never felt the sweet embrace of an Xbox home screen after getting home from school, never been excited for those beautiful PlayStation exclusive games. When E3 rolls around, very little of it is relevant to me, especially as Nintendo continues to announce fewer and fewer games. But boy oh boy, does my millennial, cord-cutting, generally-content-obsessed self crave an At Home Entertainment System, even if it is only a year away from becoming obsolete. Here are all the reasons why I want a PS4.

#1 – The Exclusivity

I want to play those dang exclusives!! Each one could be its own reason, but for ease of use, here are some examples of games I’ve never gotten to play but would kinda like to: Tearaway Unfolded, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Last of Us, AND ALSO THE NEW ONES COMING OUT.

#2 – The Elitism

The games on PS4 are far more cinematic than the games on the Nintendo Switch. While I love the Switch, sometimes I wanna sit down and make playing a game an Event, which would be easier with a more real deal, AAA experience. I love indie games but dang, Uncharted 4 was real good.

#3 – The Options

PlayStation Now exists, and while it’s not as good of a backwards-compatibility solution as the Xbox One has, I couldn’t care less because I don’t own any old PlayStation games! I’m a dumb little baby! I would be happy to pay $8.50 a month (with the 1-year subscription) in order to play all of the other PlayStation originals and other classic games that I’ve never gotten to own. It’s like sure, I may not be excited about a new release every month, but I have a whole back catalogue of a zeitgeist to participate in!

#4 – The Nostalgia

The few games that I have played that are on PS4 or PS Now I get to re-live and share with my non-gamer boyfriend. Do you know how badly I want to force him to sit down and experience how insane Bioshock Infinite is for the first time? Or for him to see the ultimate twist in Fallout 3? Some of my favorite childhood experiences were watching people play video games and I not only want him to receive that from watching me, I also want to mold him into the gamer boy of my dreams so I can watch HIM do that.


#5 – The Convenience

It’s got Netflix on it! And YouTube! And Hulu! It’s like the whole ding dang Roku stick but also plays video games. Although I would still need a Roku stick for the channel-specific stations that PS4 doesn’t have but hey, it’s a start for sure.

#6 – The Flexibility

I don’t currently own a DVD or Blu-Ray player but my parents have a bunch of them that they want me to take off their hands. I want to be able to play them on something but it seems so useless to get just a Blu-Ray player, especially now that Samsung has announced they will no longer be producing new ones.

Buying a PS4 seems like a solid six birds, one stone solution. But this June, Sony will probably be announcing a new PlayStation model and it will feel useless to buy a PS4 so I’ll probably hold off until then but geez Louise. I should’ve bought one like 2 years ago. Ah well. C’est la vie.

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