10 Games I Really Wanna Play On Switch But Haven’t Yet For One Reason Or Another

I’m lazy when it comes to purchasing games. Sometimes it takes a lot of encouragement to buy new stuff, even if I know it’s gonna be precisely my scene. Here are some games that have been sitting on my list for various lengths of time, for a variety of reasons:

#1 – Celeste

Everyone on the planet knows this is a very good video game, and especially a very good platformer. “Demanding but fair” is probably a good indicator that I will love a game, and this seems like it is supposed to be exactly that. I feel like I haven’t bought this yet because I know once I do, it will be all I want to spend my time doing until I finish it. And for that reason alone, I have held off.

#2 – West of Loathing

It’s funny and cute!!! The combat looks a little concerning to me, not precisely my style, but I’m a sucker for humorous dialogue that doesn’t make me cringe into eternity. The next time this one is on sale, I will probably pick it up.

#3 – Thimbleweed Park

I looooooove mystery games. I really enjoyed The Darkside Detective, which has a similar art style and level of humor. However, I wish that game had a bit more longevity and difficulty as far as how complex the various mysteries were. I think Thimbleweed Park might provide me with that, so I look forward to picking it up soon (especially if it ends up on sale).

#4 – Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

This game is so dang cute and gives me so many Wind Waker vibes I just can’t take it. I’m sure it will be a bit buggy, because I feel like most indie 3D games end up being so, but it just looks like such a wholesome time that I gotta be a part of it.

#5 – Light Fingers

I’ve never really seen a game like this before, that combines RPG elements with board games and card games, with built in capabilities for multiplayer and seemingly robust single-player experience. I wanna get this just to see how weird it is and to make my DnD-loving friends play with me.

#6 – Mark of the Ninja

I own this game on Steam but have never owned a computer good enough to run it without dropping a stupid number of frames at a time (something I would not recommend trying to work with while playing a stealth game). I want to get this to prove to myself it’s not that I was bad before, it was my computer’s fault.

#7 – Pikuniku

This looks so adorable and like a fun little jaunt into a strange new land. Reminds me a lot of Minit but without the stress involved, which I am here for. Seems a little expensive for what you’re getting though, so I will probably be waiting for a sale.

#8 – Feudal Alloy

I hugely love this art style and honestly the moment I saw all of the RPG elements and the inventory menus I knew I had to try it. A developer who knows how to make a great UI is a developer that can have my money.

#9 – Donut County

I’ve heard nothing but good things since this has come out, and the art style has sold me on having to get it eventually. It doesn’t feel like a must-play, especially since it skirted underneath the zeitgeist, so it may live on my list for a while, but I will get to it eventually I promise!!!

#10 – GRIS

I’ve heard mixed things on this as a video game, but as a piece of art it is stunning. The watercolor animation is definitely not something you see every day and I want to reward the creators for that. However, I know for a fact this game has an extremely short run time, so I will be waiting for it to hit a sale before I purchase this one.

Are there any other less-than-well-known Switch games you feel like I need to play? Let me know!

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  1. Looks like some fun games! I completely understand not wanting to add to “the list of things I want to do”. (So many options… so little time…)

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